TITLE: Ay, Tu Apestas! (Oh, You Stink!)
MATERIALS: Acrylic on canvas, metal and ELECTRICITY!
DIMENSIONS: 5' w. x 8' h
DATE: 2003

The phrase 'everyone's a critic' is never more true than in the art world. Many viewers are often quick to judge the artwork before giving themselves a chance to truly observe the art and explore it's messages. My project "Ay, Tu Apestas!" (Oh, You Stink!) evaluates the judgmental relationship that occurs between the viewer and the work from the paintings perspective. Literally turning up it's nose, the artwork rotates about the room observing the audience. Metal and acrylic have been incorporated into the piece to express the resiliency of one's convictions, canvas to express how judgments are woven into our existence, and electricity to emphasize the power of opinion.

"Ay, Tu Apestas" (Oh, You Stink!) is the first of many collaborations between local artists Paul McCall and Pete Brady. Paul McCall's work has been exhibited at regional galleries, museums, and public spaces including Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) and the Washington State Convention Center. Paul has also been the recipient of awards from the Edwin T. Pratt Fine Arts Center and Artist Trust. Pete Brady's expertise encompass stainless steel, aluminum, brass, pewter, and bronze. Brady's extensive career includes more than six years of teaching the art of metal fabrication at Clover Park Technical College. In his spare time he builds and races stock cars and has served as president of the Outlaw Racing Association.

Paul McCall
Seattle, WA