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The dorkbot global network is made of groups of people "doing strange things with electricity". There are more than 100 groups worldwide, who meet at various intervals and present work in progress, experiments, hacks and other unexpected uses of technology. Members of dorkbot groups include artists, engineers, designers, musicians, hackers, curious types, no robots yet.

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dorkbot Cardiff #16 • 12th March 2014


4 speakers for a rich mix: one will talk reprap and low impact living, another bacteria and fermentation, one just had an exhibition of sound devices in Cardiff, one is a painter with a strong interest in neuro-sciences. Full details below...

Time and place:
Tommy's Bar
Cardiff School of Art and Design
Howards Garden Campus
Cardiff CF240SP

As usual, if you have projects on the go, topics you'd like to speak about, half-baked or sophisticated demos craving for feedback let us know, we are always on the lookout for presenters.

And of course we will have opendork slots for what have you at the end of the session. Just let us know on the day if you want to opendork.

sunil tagore reprap

Sunil Tagore

Open Source Digital Fabrication: 3D printing and applications in appropriate technology

Sunil Tagore has been working in renewable energy and low carbon technologies for the past 8 years; recently working with University of South Wales on micro-hydro power systems in Uganda. Whilst based at the Centre for Alternative Technology in 2011, Sunil was involved with researching and developing open source digital fabrication tools and their application in low impact living.

Ariana Jordão

Fermentation as transformative imagination

Can microorganisms teach us about sustainability? Living cultures are defined as symbiotic associations of yeasts and bacteria with health boosting properties that preserve and enhance flavours. Can they be a model for re-imagining collaborative and self-organizing creative systems and thus an inspiration for cultivating and sustaining human cultures? A show and tell presentation in anticipation of the social fermentation symposium (22nd March, M.A.D.E.).

Sean Olsen

Electronic Gamelan, a collaborative musical sculpture.

Running two synthesizers a computer controlled guitar based instrument and a manually controlled analog tape player. It is designed to simplify music creation by easing control of timing and tone via microcontrollers, leaving the participants to freely improvise and experiment with sounds. Creativity and playfulness are explored confidently as participants play off each other's input.


Penelope Rose Cowley

Massive Dynamic Art: Exploring and Recreating Cutting Edge Science

Massive Dynamic Art (MDA) is the brainchild of the artist Penelope Rose Cowley who lives and works in Cardiff. Her work explores the translations of visions, experiences, migraines visual disturbances, thoughts and memories and is assimilated and translated through cutting edge science and technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging scanners (MRi).

Open dorks

Bring your ideas/demos and have 5mn of sparky public dork time.


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